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Relationships are nice and all, but sometimes what you want is a one night stand. One night stands are all about one passionate night of naughty fun. What could be better than that? Fortunately, there are several options for men and women looking for a one night stand. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the best one night stand sites available to you.

What is a one night stand?

Actually, the term "on" in dating doesn't mean anything complicated. "Ons" is an acronym for "one-night stands." It's what people who belong to the online communities of special dating sites call a chance meeting between two people to share the bed. There is nothing undignified about such behavior if you and the other person know in advance that commitment and relationship development are not the preferred option.

How to find partners online for a one night stand?

In real life, it is not easy to find someone to share a sexual adventure with. Most of the time, you either don't know anyone, or you find someone who is looking for a serious relationship that you don't want at the moment - or you are already in a relationship but want a little discreet change.

So-called casual dating providers have discovered this need for themselves and are constantly trying to impress men and women with various forms of dating.

Thus, you can find suitable people on selected portals who are looking for a no strings attached flirt or an attractive partner for a one night stand - without any requirements.

The best one night stand sites and apps offer singles the opportunity to meet anonymously and freely 24 hours a day. And you don't need to know anything about online dating to get started.

Sexually oriented sites are often more accessible than a local bar - and also more frequented by singles - so it's no wonder that an increasing number of singles prefer to seek dates on this virtual terrain.

If you're looking for a very short-term date (i.e., a one night stand), you'll have better luck on the following quick and casual platforms, all of which are completely free.

How to find someone for a one night stand

Despite the facts mentioned in the previous paragraph, the principles of online dating are not much different from those of building a relationship. To get to know a person, you have two options.

The first is to go offline. You can attend parties, bars, cafes, nightclubs, friend meetings and other events. Of course, even a chance meeting while walking down the street has a chance of ending up in bed. However, the chances are not too high.

On the other hand, there is online contact. Since there are specific websites aimed at meeting people for sex, you and your future partner ons know exactly what it is all about. Given all this, it is much easier to find a one night stand on the Internet. In addition, you will save a lot of time this way, as you will avoid unnecessary formalities.

Advantages and disadvantages of one night stands:


  • Not emotionally involved
  • Free from responsibilities and limits
  • No embarrassment
  • A crazy sexual experience
  • Improved self-esteem


  • May become a sudden attachment
  • May become a habit
  • Likely to meet other partners afterwards
  • No mutual connection during the process

What are the safest websites for one night stands?

A truly safe one night stand website has effective moderation available 24 hours a day, a well-supported and usable rating system, and clearly understood and transparently written policies. The company must use multiple layers of security to provide users with an appropriate level of protection for their identity, credit information and other sensitive data.

The security of the ons dating site can be confirmed by the carefully designed and edited policies for community members, as well as the strict requirements they must meet to join the site. For example, some companies ask their potential users to enter their phone number beforehand or upload a personal photo in order to gain access to the database. There are also services that use other verification methods. The fact is that the resource "safe dating" does not allow an anonymous person to use it.

The best one night stand sites

Finding the best one night stand sites may seem difficult at first. That's because there are companies that position their services a little differently than what they actually offer. For example, Tinder does not state that it is designed and used to find a quick one night stand. However, this is the main use case and people are aware of this fact.

Nonetheless, it is always best to know that members of a dating resource's community are not, for the most part, looking for serious relationship opportunities if you just want to find your one night stand. To find suitable places right away, pay attention to the positioning of the service beforehand, or simply check out the sites mentioned in this review.

Identify the best casual dating sites and apps

To create this list of top 5 best practices above, I mainly considered the impression of the average user. I think community reviews are the best thing to pay attention to when it comes to evaluating dating services in general and one-night stands in particular. Of course, the number of people who have registered in their database, the features offered and the overall usability of a site's interface are also important, but nothing can tell you more than a review from a real user.

4 things to consider when choosing an application for a one night stand

Was the app designed for this function? Make sure you choose an app that was truly designed for getting to know each other and for one night stands, rather than apps that were designed for dating and implement elements that keep them in that realm.

Is security a factor? Does the app take steps to ensure your safety? While they can't do much, they can point out a lot of features that keep scammers away and contribute to your overall safety.

Overall functionality is important. Let's say you are on a business trip and want to do something exciting. Will you be able to find someone nearby, or will those connections only work days later when you're out of town?

Consider your preferences. Not everyone is looking for the same thing. Make sure you choose an app that offers the features you prefer. There are apps that offer live broadcasts and similar content, so you don't even have to leave the house. What are YOU looking for?

Whatever your reasons, whether you've just broken up or are looking to enjoy the single life for a while, the truth is that casual sex can definitely spice up your life.

What to avoid during a one night stand

First of all, you met to have sex - nothing more, nothing less. So don't expect your sexual partner to want something serious or to leave their partner for you. It's not part of a one night stand. If you prefer a serious relationship, go to an online dating site. Respect the fact that your sexual partner wants to keep the relationship physical.

Be careful if your one-night stand is destined to become an affair. Meet in places where you're sure you won't run into your partner. Most importantly, ask yourself if you really want to cheat on your partner or if it would be smarter to tell your partner.

Erotic contacts are people who are there for sex, but you should still exchange a few words with them to get to know them a little better. Your sex partner is not something you ordered online.

3 things to know about one night stands.

Enter at your own risk. Choose your one night stand carefully and be sure to practice caution, because you never know what might happen to you. Keep your personal safety in mind.

Keep it simple. Some people claim that they only want a one night stand, but in reality, they want to turn it into a relationship. If your goal is to have a one night stand, make sure you're looking in the right places and know that you're dating someone who has the same goal.

Relax and have fun. If you're looking for a one-night stand, take it easy. Give yourself permission to feel comfortable. Be yourself and enjoy the night and the experience.

But how do you know what rules to follow for something that's supposed to be simple and rule-free?

Read on to learn the basic rules of casual sex that you should follow to avoid commitment and get the most out of your relationship:

1. find the right person In a casual sex relationship, finding the right person has a slightly different meaning than in a romantic relationship. This time, you're not looking to find the right person, you're just looking for someone to have great sex with!

This means leaving out your closest friends and most likely your office mates, as things will get weird later on.

Instead, try dating people you don't know well. Maybe an acquaintance you've always liked or someone you met at a bar.

If that doesn't work, there are thousands of online dating sites for casual sex. Sign up for one of them and save yourself the trouble of getting involved with someone you know.

Set ground rules While it's true that some rules may seem to kill the excitement of your casual sex relationship, you'll probably regret not setting rules from the start.

To do this, you need to be open and talk about your expectations. The first thing that needs to be clear is whether or not you'll be seeing other people. Also talk about what happens if one person falls in love with another.

Other points should be how often you should see each other, where you should meet, and if someone can stay overnight.

Also, don't forget to decide if you want to keep your relationship a secret, as many prefer to stay as private as possible.

3. Stay Safe Of course, casual sex should remain casual, right? Don't get caught up in the excitement and don't forget one of the most important aspects of sex: protection!

The sex you have in a no-strings-attached relationship should always - always! be protected. Whether you're in an exclusive relationship or not, look for ways to protect yourself from both STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

If you're not sure which contraceptive method is best for you and your partner, talk to your doctor, who will be happy to advise you.

4. Leave your emotions aside Casual sex works well as long as both parties agree to leave their emotions aside. Ideally, both people know why they are meeting to have sex. Don't be fooled into thinking that it could turn into something permanent, because it probably won't.

However, since you're obviously going to be spending time with someone you like, you might end up liking them too much, and that's when things start to get complicated. Even if you do end up developing feelings, don't make the big "I love you" statement right away.

Instead, be honest. Talk about your feelings and consider changing something in your relationship, whether it's moving on or ending it before someone gets hurt.

If you think you're falling in love or your partner is, YourTango expert Moushumi Ghose explains how to protect your heart when this happens.

5. Don't develop a personal connection No one says you shouldn't talk to each other during your time together. Some couples even prefer to date before they get to the fun part. However, you should set clear boundaries about the things you share with each other.

It's okay to talk about everyday events: who was late for work or what you ate that day. But small talk is totally different from sharing intimate things about your past or your current life; you probably shouldn't talk about how much your ex hurt you when he or she broke up with you.

Also be careful with all the technology around you: texting makes it easy to fall into the trap of talking too much! Limit contact on days you don't see each other: do you really need to send him that chat meme?

6. don't get trapped Some people feel easily trapped, even in a relationship like this. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you're the one who's constantly adjusting to his schedule or only getting a call when he sees fit.

Don't let that happen! You both need to feel that you are getting equal benefit from your arrangement.

In summary: test to find your best dating site

In summary, I will say one thing: the best way to find out if a particular dating site is right for you is to try it out for yourself. The sign-up process is usually quick and easy if it's a solid, modern, and worthwhile resource, so it won't be hard for you to check things out without investing too much time.

Try starting with one of the five sites mentioned at the top of the article. Chances are, at least two of them will give you what you need.